GetUp recently released a “hit list” of 16 MPs they want out of Parliament at the coming federal election. These are MPs who support strong border protection laws, lower energy prices, and literacy testing for migrants. They are being targeted because GetUp don’t like their views.

GetUp claim to be independent but not a single Labor MP is on their hit list. Every one of them is a Coalition Member.

[Source: GetUp Hitlist for Coalition MPs]


GetUp have already mobilised teams in many of these seats – to disrupt the MP’s campaign, to work for opponents and to spend millions of dollars in online and on-the-ground campaigning.


And they've got form...

  • GetUp used volunteers to call 85,000 voters in the recent Wentworth by-election, had hundreds of people handing out how to vote cards, and spent hundreds of thousands on billboards and advertising – to make sure the Liberal Party could not win the seat. 

    [Source: The Guardian – How GetUp won Wentworth]

  • GetUp also spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising and campaigning and made 27,000 calls to local voters in the Longman by-election to make sure Labor held the seat.

    [Source: How union army, GetUp! sealed Longman win]

  • GetUp! spent more than $140,000 in the Tasmanian federal seat of Bass at the 2016 election to defeat Liberal MP Andrew Nikolic, who had served as an Army Officer in Iraq. GetUp used 10 paid staff and 80 volunteers to win the seat for Labor.

    [Source: GetUp targeted several federal seats, including Bass]

  • GetUp and the Unions spent $1.1 million on an advertising campaign personally targeting Coalition Leader Tony Abbott for his views in the 2010 election – which resulted in Julia Gillard forming a minority Government with the Greens and Independents.

    [Source: Get Up! funded anti-Abbott ad with union's $1m gift]

Anyone who signs a GetUp campaign or petition is considered a “member” – and members mean money for GetUp

Bank Commissions

Powershop Deal

Radical Retailers


GetUp’s “whatever it takes” approach can have profound effects on the organisations and people that they target and their methods are unethical as well as unfair.

Judge for yourself.  Just a few examples of GetUp’s tactics include:

  • Advocating boycotts of products and organisations that they don’t agree with – including Harvey Norman for selling furniture made from timber!
  • Targeting disruptive protests at companies they don’t agree with – for example those that run or provide services for immigration detention centres.
  • Putting “spoof” ads in newspapers to ridicule and campaign against the Business Council of Australia.
  • Forcing Extraordinary General Meetings on Australian companies, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, in order to inconvenience them and advance GetUp’s causes.
  • Using some local indigenous people to launch legal action in order to stop mining projects that would create jobs in regional areas – especially for indigenous job seekers.
  • Organising spam email campaigns to inundate parliamentarians or businesses in order to influence opinion. Their live cattle exports campaign cost many northern Australian cattle farmers their livelihoods and, ironically, caused the painful deaths of cattle that were unable to be fed or sold.
  • Using donations to pay $31,000 for a charity dinner with then Prime Minister Gillard in order to force discussion of their same sex marriage campaign.
  • Spending $118,000 on television advertising and orchestrating thousands of spam emails to stop State Governments from agreeing to the National Energy Guarantee which was set to lower energy prices.

GetUp even received an official warning from the Australian Electoral Commission when they used gold bullion prizes to lure young people to their site to enrol to vote and sign on to join their campaigns.

Source: Claims GetUp contest breaches Law

Case Study - Targeting the Children

GetUp has long and deep ties with the Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC).  In fact, most of what GetUp does is mirrored by the AYCC and a cursory google search shows their mutual campaigning, admiration, and joint membership of a range of organisations.

The AYCC was formed just a few years after GetUp, borne of the same global movement for left-wing change. In describing themselves, the AYCC states: “Climate change is our best opportunity to create a world that works for everyone, not just a few. We can power our lives with the wind and sun, and ensure access to clean energy and job opportunities for all.”

So climate change isn’t even a practical problem to be worked on, but rather an “opportunity to create a world that works for everyone, not just a few”. Sounds like a political objective, rather than an environmental one.

Looking at their website and social media, there appears to be plenty of protesting, sitting in the foyers of buildings, clicking petitions, and marching in the streets – but very little in the way of practical work for the environment.

The AYCC’s founder Anna Rose was employed as a Climate Campaigner for Getup in 2008-2009, and she went on to marry long-time Get-Up National Director Simon Sheikh.

Unlike GetUp, the AYCC is a registered charity and has tax deductible status – even though their activities, as described by Rose herself include: “dressing up in an elephant costume and chasing politicians”.

Source: My first real job was setting up and co-directing the Australian Youth Climate Coalition

In just 10 years, under the guidance of GetUp, the AYCC has grown to an organisation that in 2017 reported annual income of close to $3 million and a workforce of 26 full-time employees, 10 part-time, 35 casual employees and a whopping 949 volunteers!

Source: Australian Youth Climate Coalition Limited – Annual Information Statement

And boy have they been busy … especially when it comes to targeting school kids with their left-wing climate alarmism. The following is taken from their own report to the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission:

“In 2017, we engaged 20,000 students in 120 workshops and 6 summits. Summits are two-day events where high school students and teachers come together to learn about climate change, sustainability and how to create change in their schools and local communities. This year, we held our third Melbourne Climate Justice Summit with 25 workshops around climate change, campaign planning and community organising to equip students with essential skills to take action against climate change.”

A recent investigation revealed that the AYCC was the driving force behind the “school strike4climate change” organisation – administering the website, preparing a range of propaganda materials and encouraging student to use their practiced online tactics to recruit more followers.

Source: Hardcore climate change activists coach children on how to orchestrate massive school walkout

The school strikes that claimed to be “student led” were in fact a product of the well-oiled Getup/AYCC campaign machine.  And the children were led to believe it was an organic movement of their peers. But it was not kids running it - it was radical and organised left-wing activists grooming the next generation of political “change agents”.  

There is something especially reprehensible about political organisations like GetUp and the AYCC to use impressionable young children to push their biased political agenda.