Meet GetUp's Top Ten

GetUp claim they aren’t supporting any candidates at this election. That’s just not true.


There’s an easy test to determine whether a local candidate is in fact a GetUp candidate: is GetUp engaged in actively working against the candidate’s Coalition opponent?

GetUp are issuing detailed how-to-vote cards against the Coalition. They have already released HTVs in 18 seats they are targeting.  According to their website, GetUp will hand out 800,000 HTVs in 29 electorates at 335 booths on polling day.

Those 29 electorates include: Dawson, Dickson, Moncrieff, Menzies, Flinders, Fremantle, Kooyong, Corio, Cook, Hughes, Robertson, Warringah, Cowper, Hume, Wentworth, Cunningham, Macquarie, Newcastle, Page, Canning, Pearce, Canberra, Bean, Fenner, Boothby, Grey, Mayo, Clark and Franklin.

Far from being local campaigns, GetUp are deploying their 70-strong paid workforce into these seats to run and orchestrate negative campaigns.

What’s more, GetUp are actually planning to bus in people on election day who don’t  live in these electorates to tell locals how they should vote. So much for a grassroots movement!

(Source: GetUp website: “Live a long way from the action? In some areas, we have buses providing transport to target electorates.” )

Here’s a quick run down on just 10 of the candidates that GetUp are helping – their absolute “Dream Team” candidates.



Zali Steggall


Kerryn Phelps



Ali France



Julia Banks

  • Former Liberal Julia Banks is GetUp’s star choice against Health Minister Greg Hunt, despite abandoning her seat of Chisolm to stand in the electorate she doesn’t live in.  She features first on GetUp’s how-to-vote, and she’s exchanging preferences with Labor and the Greens.
  • GetUp are reportedly “pouring resources” into Bank’s campaign.



Oliver Yates & Julian Burnside

  • Either candidate will do in Kooyong where the campaign against Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has turned particularly nasty.
  • In addition to anti-Semitic vandalism of Frydenberg’s signs, it’s been revealed that GetUp were telling lies in their campaign calls against him.
  • Former GetUp media director Adrian Dodd is advising co-called “Independent” Oliver Yates
  • Greens candidate Julian Burnside has been a prominent supporter of GetUp and has promoted their campaigns online



Helen Haines

  • Indi was the seat that started it all for GetUp, as far as direct targeting of Coalition MPs goes.  GetUp was instrumental in ousting Sophie Mirabella from the seat and getting so-called Independent Cathy McGowan elected in 2013.
  • Voices for Indi were schooled by GetUp and will be heavily backed again as Cathy’s anointed successor stands.



Nadia Clancy

  • GetUp are targeting first-term member for Boothby Nicole Flint simply because her views don’t align with theirs. With no false independent in the making, Labor’s Nadia Clancy is the beneficiary of GetUp support.
  • Once again, there’s an Action Group with calling parties, and GetUp and the Unions have orchestrated protests and rallies outside Ms Flint’s office.



Kim Travers



Mellisa Teede

  • Liberal MP Andrew Hastie has long been a figure of hate and ridicule for the left. His polite advocacy in favour of traditional marriage drew the ire of GetUp and many of their allies.  It’s little wonder then that GetUp is actively working to unseat the popular local MP.
  • Labor’s candidate is set to benefit from GetUp campaigning, with their HTV favouring Labor and the Greens


GetUp claim they aren’t supporting any candidates at this election. That’s just not true.